Guess who got their VISA?

C360_2015-02-10-22-05-51-368Imagine the feeling of being buried under a rubble  of gigantic rocks.

Imagine the feeling of being forced to drown in the biggest ocean.

Imagine the feeling while a sumo wrestler choke slams you!

Now, put all those together and you will get an idea bout my “visa-process” feelings!

I hate visa offices, passport offices, basically any offices that require paperwork (yes, I am a digital girl). I swallowed the whole “feelings” bit and got to applying my visa.

Well, it’s pretty simple (THEY SAID), it’s hardly troublesome (THEY SAID), it is just a matter of few days (THEY SAID) errr it WAS all of those things and more.. more horrifying!

All you need to do is raise a request on some tools, take some (a million) printouts, walk up to the travel desk (ten times) and voila! you get your visa done in a jiffy (a month).


Oh, by the way I got my visa today. Just in case it wasn’t obvious with my subtle photo up there!


4 thoughts on “Guess who got their VISA?

  1. Hahahaha yes, I absolutely second your feelings to “paperwork”, but hey, you have your visa now (cheers for that) and it seems that our Casablanca agenda is starting to get booked, planets seem to be aligned in our favor!

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