Who? What? When? Where? Realllllly?

The IBM CSC program in Morocco has partnered with PYXERA global an organization focused on providing innovative solutions to complex challenges through Global pro bono programs. PYXERA helps put us in touch with an organization in need of people with expertise to help their line of business.

PYXERA Global creates groundbreaking partnerships between the public, private, and social sectors that leverage the unique attributes of  each to create shared value and innovative solutions to complex challenges.

PYXERA-GLOBAL-ANNIVERSARY-MARKS_3-01Pyxera has assigned us (Juan, Danielle and me) to work with ANAPEC, a public employment service organization in Morocco.

Who will I be working for?

ANAPEC is a public employment service organization in Morocco that contributes to the organization and implementation of employment promotion programs, and links job seekers and potential employers through targeted services that are free to the public.


What will I be working on?

Improve remote access services to ANAPEC’s customers to improve their return on investment regarding employment. The IBM team will assess the current state of the remote initiatives and understand how they work together, formalize and map out different scenarios for how various beneficiaries can interact with ANAPEC, and design a strategic plan that outlines an e-learning solution as well as a tracking solution to understand how beneficiaries navigate through ANAPEC’s various touch points.

In short – we will work hard to make their life a tad easier 🙂

When and Where will I work on this?

We are fortunate to work with ANAPEC for 30 days in Casablanca, Morocco. Post coming back to our respective countries after the on shore assignment, we will continue to support them till April.




The main objective is to ensure we add value to our clients by putting together all the skills we bring to the table.We will be working 5 days a week (Monday – Friday) with our clients for the duration of our stay.

That isn’t to say we won’t have our share of fun, bonding and travel (psstt.. weekend plans are already cooking!)


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