Leaving pangs!

The noisy drumming of various utensils in the kitchen heard alongside the sweet bark of my Dog-son early in the morning. The voices of my in-laws merrily sharing stories as they sit together sipping tea or eating breakfast. The musical hum of laughter from my mum who calls me to complain about Dad. The clatter of message beeps from the little brother. The never ending eating and chatting spree with the girls at work. The rush of my Toastmaster meetings every Thursday. The long creative discussions with my PR team. The mesmerizing poetry readings from K’s collection. The deceptive study plans with my girls at MentorTogether. The pleasant hullabaloo of the husband hurrying to narrate the day’s happenings to me as we return home from work. The big bustle in the dining room as I chatter with the sister-in-law every night. Kissing Mr. Furry Face Romeo good night and cuddling some more for good measure!


You ever get the feeling you’re loved TOO much to ever leave!? Romeo and Mommy ❤

And the silent sound of love that lingers even during those wee hours of night when everyone has blissfully fallen asleep.

Last day in India, I’ll miss my crazy home for a month!



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