Day 1: The one with all the laughter

After a loooooooong (terribly uncomfortable) flight, and restless sleep I woke up to 11 bright shiny new faces!

Although we’d heard each others voices over the phone in the last 3 months a lot of times, we had all only met briefly the previous evening but as we sat down for breakfast and some hot mint tea we were soon chatting away like we’d known each other forever! Jokes flying around, laughter peeling off the walls, we were set to enjoy all that the day had to offer.


IBM CSC Morocco 6 team groupfie 🙂

We walked around the neighborhood familiarizing ourselves with the small stores, good places to eat, where to exchange money, the madina, food markets and supermarkets. Jette’s blog has some lovely pictures of the day.

We also went to the 7th largest mosque in the world Hassan ll. Realized that they weren’t kidding about the “large” part!


At the Hassan ll Mosque, Casablanca

We ate our first Tajine at a beautiful restaurant. Probably should’ve eaten less starters and saved some space for the main course but everything was WAY too tasty!


Starters and lamb Tajine

The long walks and heavy lunch didn’t deter us on a 30mins “Best Shawarma” hunt for dinner (I like my team :D)

Tomorrow is the big day – we meet our client and start getting to know what we’ll be doing. Excited!

Lesson for the day: Carry a jacket at all times. Do not be brave about the weather in Morocco. It goes from “oh-nice-and-sunny” to “I-can’t-feel-my-hands-kind-of-cold” in a matter of minutes (Ok, I confess, I find 11 degrees bizarre cold and 27 degrees cozy and nice, sooooo it’s not that bad for other people)

#ibmcsc morocco


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