Day 6: The one where I felt like a 10 year old

Today, I woke up with a HUGE grin on my face 😀


After a tough one week of meetings, expectation adjustment, hard work, lot of stress and sleepless nights, a weekend is just what I needed.

Chefchouen is a quaint little blue hill top town. We’re leaving on our weekend trip to Chefchaouen at 3.30pm. I couldn’t wait!

Our team decided to go to office since we had an important meeting with the Digital team of ANAPEC. The meeting was productive and we gathered all the information we needed. Our client was kind enough to suggest some places to visit in Chefchouen and what food to eat! We rushed back to the hotel to go on our tour.

We packed our bags, carried some snacks and felt like school kids on a school trip! The long bus ride was good to get to know each other better outside of work.

The bus quickly turned into a party! We had blue disco lights in the bus (we we’re going to the blue city you know 😉 ), It had a microphone to sing and we had Jordan’s music to keep us going.

Findings on the journey:

  1. Samy is a party girl! Boy she can move! Woot woot!
  2. Fabian is an A-H-M-A-Z-I-N-G singer!
  3. Jordan and Fabian are suspiciously enamored with each other
  4. Masa is a show man!
  5. Dani has the voice of an angel!

We reached Chefchouen really late at about 11.30pm and as I woke up from my slumber in the bus I realized somewhere in the distance I could hear faint Hindi music! I thought I was officially going crazy with all the home-sickness but turns out I wasn’t imagining things. On the Moroccon Rif mountains, nestled in the cold alleyways was a quaint lil sleepy blue town and there was Aishwarya Rai singing to the 1999 hit Taal se Taal mila ! Speak about Bollywood huh 😉

We made our way to our hotel and it was the prettiest – most interesting – adorable hotel I’ve EVER been to! Dar terre is a hotel just inside the Medina walls, with cute rooms, all made differently. It has interesting fireplaces and nooks and corners to explore. Jane felt like she was in Gulliver Travels given her height and the small hotel (which was just about right for Tania, Dani and me) but everyone agreed that it was an amazing place.

P.S: I slept restlessly in the cold to await sunrise and see the picture perfect Blue city in all its glory! (I’ve been acting like a 10yr old on a field trip all evening – I know!)

#ibmcsc morocco


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