Day 7 and 8 : The one where we were “oh-so-blue” and “oh-so-sore” !

Day 7: Chefchaouen

You know when you look at pictures of beautiful places and think “oh, come on that’s edited/photoshopped. It cannot be THAT beautiful”. Well I woke up this morning earlier than everyone and stepped outside (dressed like an eskimo, of course!) to see whether it was really as blue as the pictures. What I saw, took my breath away. It was powder blue everywhere I looked! I mean, it’s impossible to capture that kind of magic in a single photograph. Trust me I tried. I walked down some alleys and just stood in the middle of the blue medina in awe. It’s the kind of places fairytales are written 🙂 The kind that is too beautiful to exist.

Jette has captured us “oh-so-blue-ibmers” here.

As we had our chatty breakfast and made day plans, we were served generous servings of Churros, bread, honey, orange marmalade, fresh goat cheese and cups of endless Mint Tea and Black coffee.

With yummy in our tummies we set out to enjoy the Blue Chefchouen Medina.


Jette is a part of a global Treasure hunt called GeoCaching, an interesting concept where a log book is hidden in different parts of the world and you set out to find them if you happen to travel to those places. You find the log book and enter your name and date! It sounded so exciting! We looked at clues, ravaged a little hotel garden and cracked the clue (thanks to Samy’s obsession with Ninja Turtles – which was one of the clues) found the little log book tucked away on a terrace. Jette is so very inspiring! At 52 she’s smarter, stronger and more fun than most of us. The kind of things she knows and is involved in is just amazing. I am definitely going to start Geo Caching once I’m back in India.

After feeling like complete achievers, we set out to shop, looked around at the trinkets, made our way to the square and watched people dancing to morocco music! It was a treat! There was music, fun music and of course I HAD to dance! Samy, Jane and me danced some and laughed a lot!

We sat down for some tea and coffee at the square and spent the rest of the day shopping and getting lost in the blue maze!

As we got back to the hotel after dinner, we were pleasantly surprised and thankful for the little fires lit in our room’s fireplaces.

Looks like It’ll be a warm night in 🙂

Skyped my girls at Mentortogether today. I missed “Mentors Day” and my babies dancing and have fun. However, it was so amazing when I told Valli that it was early in the morning at Morocco and it was late afternoon in India. It blew her mind! Talking to her just made my very cold day warmer 🙂

Skype with Valli!

Skype with Valli!

Day 8: Akchour

Today we woke up early to leave to Akchour, which houses a natural bridge that can be reached after a 1.5h hike in the mountains towards the Pond de Dieu. The path goes up the hill quite steep. The bridge was formed by the river floating underground and carving its way over millenia.

Reaching the bridge was an adventure. With people slipping, taking the off beat path (thanks to Jordan’s deathly hiking skills), the urge for selfies at the most inconvenient cliffs, we were going to be all about the base if we weren’t careful!

Us at the top of the cliff in Akchour

Us at the top of the cliff in Akchour

We finished off the trek with a little Bollywood dance (hey! you always have energy for Bollywood!) for Jane’s Vlogs for #ibmcsc morocco

The long bus journey back to the hotel was pure torture but then I did something I haven’t done in a loooong time. I listened to Hindi music for 5 straight hours 🙂 Good treat 🙂

P.S: Week 1 done! Looking forward to Week 2!


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