Day 9: The one with all the strategies

One thing I’m learning about myself being in CSC is that I am very passionate about Digital and Social Media. I was unsure before but now I know for real!

For some reason I get excited to wake up every morning and head out braving the cold at 8am on a 45mins cab ride to work. We work long hours, sometimes from 9am – 7pm without as much as a coffee break, lunch at the desk and barely distracted conversations.

I am exhausted by the time we head back to the hotel but still end up staying up at night doing research and building strategies to go about our project. It excites me to work hard to create something of value. It excites me more to work with a team that is equally passionate.

We work ALL the time. We discuss work during our cab rides, when we get to the office, when we sit at the breakfast table and yet it doesn’t drive me up the wall! I quite enjoy it actually. The stress is very real, there’s hardly any sleep, there’s always the pressure of meeting the client’s expectations, hesitance about going too far with ideas, thinking too much, phew! The list is long but the rewards are huge 🙂

Today we met with the Director General of ANAPEC. He is in charge of Employment services for the public in Morocco. We presented our plan and worked out our strategies.

With the Director General of Employment at ANAPEC

With the Director General of Employment at ANAPEC

The one thing that amazes me about ANAPEC is that they are 10 steps ahead of any Government establishment I’ve seen! They are so digital that sometimes it really baffles me. It’s easy to go from good to great but from great to SPECTACULAR is going to be a huge challenge. Lots to think about!

We returned back to the hotel absolutely tired today. We have much to accomplish this week. Each day, each hour counts and we want to make the most of it.

P.S: I get to suggest my favorite Digital strategy – Gamification! Yes, our clients are THAT cool!


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