Day 10 – 13: The ones with the quick sand feeling

You know the time when everything is going right and you think “hmmmm, that isn’t a great sign”. Well that was my week!

Work wise, we’ve given 2 presentations, made a good amount of progress, started firming up on our recommendations and importantly – have a pretty solid structure in mind.

The client seems happy with our progress.

Now, I only see it getting crazy from here – sort of like the calm before the storm.

We even had the time this week to leave our desk and go get our own sandwiches from the corner store! (felt super guilty about the whole 30mins wasted though).

On Thursday (our regular meet up day), Boutaina (our godmother) took us out to this beautiful, classy Morrocon Restaurant.The girls decked up, the boys wary, the experience was replete with scrumptious Tagines, cous-cous, bread (there is never dearth of bread in Morocco!) and a whole lot of belly dancing! It was an evening to remember.


Clockwise: The team, Dani and me, starters, Tany and me, beautiful Jane, Super talented Jette 🙂

Tomorrow we head  to Fez the third largest city of Morocco. Our first Tram ride and train ride to Fes tomorrow!

More stories on the other side 🙂

P.S: You know that moment in quick sand when you almost feel comfortable in all the chaos -_-


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