Day 24 – The one with the surprise Edition No 2

I walked into office today assuming today is going to be a “put-your-head-down-and-work-all-day” kind of day. I dressed accordingly – Red top, casual jeans and red shoes (Yes, I own red shoes!).

Our client casually walked in to inform us that the Final presentation to the Director General, CEO of ANAPEC which was supposed to happen on Wednesday (tomorrow) was happening TODAY!

As you can imagine I thought of all things I could do:

1. Go back to the hotel and change – that would take me 3 hours – time that I could use to work instead.

2. Go buy some decent pair of shoe – We work far away from commercial hubs

3. Make a joke about it – well my joke would have to be translated to French and frankly my jokes aren’t even that good in English let alone in French!

4. Let your work speak for you (and maybe hide behind a table)

So, I went with option 4.

Today Youssef – Director of Communications decided to take us out for an Italian lunch. Now, I am wary about Moroccon food because one portion is enough for 5 people and you’re forced to eat it anyway because it tastes so good!


Clockwise: The salad (the size of Africa itself!), dessert, Poulet Pasta, Nous-Nous Coffee!


Well, have I told you our clients are THIS cool 😉

We presented to the Director General in his office and thankfully were seated during the discussion! I didn’t have to make any jokes and I’m glad about it!

The Director General loved our work and promised to implement our strategies right away. It felt liberating and encouraging. Sort of like the validation was necessary after all the effort we put in.

Today has been a good day 🙂


Together we can!


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