Day 26 – The one with all the innovation

Today we visited the University of Hassan II Casablanca.

We had organized a Innovation camp for the science students which included the famous Shopping Cart Challenge.

The students were intelligent, motivated and ingenious. They “ideated” a shopping cart with solar energy, usable for the handicapped, environmental friendly and a ton of other features. It was an inspiring day for all of us.


Students of University of Hassan ll

We headed to fill our grumbling tummies with some yummy camel burgers! Another trip to the medina and that concluded our rather long day.

I tucked into bed with a cup of hot tea and realized I couldn’t sleep thanks to the noisy din in Dani’s room!

The noisy din was a combination of laughter, teasing, singing, dancing, drinking and playing ‘Heads-up’! It was a fun evening 🙂

As much there were smiles all around, the realization of going away was sinking in.

I bet a 100 dirhams that Samy will be the first one to cry! #crieralert

Juani bets I’ll follow. Well, I’m one tough cookie. We’ll see 😉

P.S: One day left to go 🙂


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